Subject Verb Agreement Exercise Grade 5

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of writing that every writer needs to understand. It ensures that the sentence makes sense and conveys the intended meaning. Grade 5 students are expected to have a good grasp of subject-verb agreement, and as a professional, I’ll guide you through some exercises you can use to test and improve your subject-verb agreement skills.

Before we dive into the exercises, let’s quickly review what subject-verb agreement is. In a sentence, the subject is the noun that performs the action, while the verb is the action word. Subject-verb agreement means that the verb used should match the subject in both form and number. For example, “The cat jumps over the fence” has a singular subject “cat,” which agrees with the singular verb “jumps.”

Now that we’ve refreshed our memories let`s move on to the exercises:

1. Identifying subjects and verbs

The first step in mastering subject-verb agreement is to identify the subject and verb in a sentence. In this exercise, you`ll be given ten sentences and will need to identify the subject and verb in each of them. For instance, “My friends and I (subject) love (verb) to play soccer.”

2. Matching singular and plural subjects with verbs

In this exercise, you will be given ten sentences where the subject is either singular or plural. Your task will be to match the correct verb to the given subject. For example, “The cat (singular subject) chases (singular verb) the mouse” or “The cats (plural subject) chase (plural verb) the mice.”

3. Identifying verb tenses

Verb tense is an essential aspect of subject-verb agreement. In this exercise, you`ll be given ten sentences where you`ll need to identify the tense of the verb used. For example, “The dog barks (present tense) at the mailman every morning.”

4. Correcting subject-verb disagreement

This exercise will test your ability to identify and correct subject-verb disagreement errors. You`ll be given ten sentences with errors in subject-verb agreement, where you`re required to rewrite the sentence with the correct subject-verb agreement. For example, “The boys (plural subject) plays (singular verb) basketball” should be corrected to say, “The boys (plural subject) play (plural verb) basketball.”

In Conclusion

Mastering subject-verb agreement is an essential skill for every grade 5 student. These exercises will help you improve your subject-verb agreement skills and ensure that your writing is grammatically correct. Remember to always match your subject and verb in both form and number, and to pay attention to verb tense. With consistent practice, you`ll find that subject-verb agreement becomes second nature, and your writing will become more effective.

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